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Chimney Caps

We sell a complete line of the ever-popular stainless steel and copper chimney caps. 

pre fab chase cover replacement

Is the top of your pre-fab chimney showing rust either dripping off or running down the side of your home? Do you sometimes hear water dripping behind the wall in your living room after a rain when it is real quiet in the house?  If so, you could have a problem.

Lock Top | Top- Mount Dampers

If you get a smoky smell in the summer, that can be one of two issues. We carry the finest line of top-mounted dampers. This product can be used for several different problems associated with your chimney. 

Replacement Screen mesh

Replace the rusted, warped, non-working and just plain old ugly screens with new ones for less than the cost of new fireplace doors. New screens can really make an old set of doors look better. 

high temp replacement glass

A glass panel in your fireplace doors or woodstove has broken and you are having trouble finding the right type of glass. Learn about the right type of high-temp replacement glass that you may need.

Stainless Steel Firebacks

Fireback Heat Reflector/Shields have been used in Europe for centuries to prevent damage and wear and tear to the fireplace backwall. They also help to reflect more warmth out into the room.

Gas Logs

We sell gas log sets, both vented and vent-free, that are made in the USA and are of excellent quality. In addition, we can supply you with blowers, remote controls (both on/off or thermostat-controlled if you have a remote-ready set of logs), or most items for your logs.

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