Chase Tops for Pre-Fab Chimneys


Chase Top 1The material we recommend to replace chase tops is ColorClad. It has a 25-year product warranty and comes in a number of different colors with a very durable finish. The most basic are Black, White, Sand, Bronze, Red, Green, etc. We can get close to most trim colors. ColorClad is made from the same material that metal roofs are made out of, and this material is much more cost-effective than stainless steel.

We also recommend Stainless steel — it’s a more durable material for use outdoors. The metal is stronger and, over a long period, looks like new. As you know with your kitchen sink, stainless will not rust.

Give us a call today, and we will come by to take a look at your chimney and give you a price. 


Chase cover replacements start at $985 for ColorClad and $1,200 + for stainless steel. Actual pricing depends on the size, material requested, and height of the chimney. Most customers opt for ColorClad, 

Stainless steel and copper chase covers have a lifetime warranty against rust, corrosion, and defects. ColorClad chase covers carry a 25-year warranty against rust, corrosion, and defects.

All tops come with a one-year workmanship warranty on the installation of the product.


chase_top18Rusted chase top with gas furnace flue chase_top19New cover and painted caps to make look new
chase_top_old1Old rusted chase cover with 2 flues chase_top_new1New black KolorKlad top with painted caps

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