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Chimney Caps help keep birds, squirrels, water, and other debris out of your chimney. Our high-quality, stainless steel and copper caps give years of worry-free service. The stainless steel metal has a brushed look, while the copper will darken naturally, helping it to blend in with the house and surroundings. Chimney caps also help prevent smokey smells by keeping rain from coming down the flue and mixing with the creosote inside the chimney.

If you heat with gas or oil, you may have two or more flues in your chimney structure. One flue services the chimney and the other will vent the gas or oil fumes out. While it is not necessary to cover both flues, we feel it is important to keep water, leaves, and animals out of the furnace flue as well.

This type of cap typically attaches with a stainless steel band clamp or the corner screws applying pressure to the flue tile liner. 

  •       100% stainless steel/copper (call for quote on copper)
  •       Lifetime warranty against rust
  •       Outside mounting provides no draft restrictions
  •       Heavy gauge base provides rigid foundation



Stainless Steel*








Multi Flue 

Our Multi-flue chimney caps are well suited for large chimneys with two or more flues. Gas fumes and creosote can rust out cheaper galvanized or painted models in a few years causing ugly, reddish rust stains to run down the side of your chimney. These stains can be very hard to completely remove. Stainless Steel caps will not rust and are warranted against rust for a lifetime. Also, you may have a chimney with no flue tile sticking up to attach the single flue model. The multi-flue cap attaches to the crown with special glue. We can supply a cap for every need.

  •       100%  Stainless Steel/Copper (call for quote on copper)
  •       Lifetime warranty against rusting out
  •       Heavy gauge removable lid for easy service









Higher screens are available in 12″ & 14″.

* install caps are $75 additional

Please contact us for a shipping price. 

To order a single or multi-flue chimney cap, please email or call (919) 772-8110.

Screen height should be at least 4″ above the tallest flue as measured from the mortar crown.



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