What We Do:

We clean chimneys, replace rusted prefab chimney tops, install chimney caps, repair and rebuild damaged fireboxes, repair cracked chimney crowns, power wash, apply water repellent treatment, deal with water leaks in chimneys, clean & service gas furnace vents and gas logs, we also clean electric and gas dryer vents and much more.

    Gas Log Service

    Gas log service includes:  remove and clean logs,  check pilot operation & condition, check lighter, check burner condition and operation. Remove and clean glass if equipped  Check operation of remote or wall switch. 

      Chimney Cleaning & Inspection

      While in your home cleaning the chimney, or doing repairs, we take the utmost care. We treat your house like it was ours by keeping it clean. We use a large tarp and special vacuums, we are prepared for any situation. We have the tools to clean the dirtiest chimneys, and with our exclusive “No Mess Guarantee,” you are assured of a clean home.

      Crown Repair & Water Repellant

      We can power-wash your chimney to remove most of the dark stains and mildew growth that accumulates on unprotected masonry and brick. This cleaning helps open the pores of the brick allowing the water repellent treatment to be more effective when used. 


      Chimney Repair

      Do you have rust stains on the side of the chimney structure from the chase cover? We can remove the old rusty and sometimes leaking top replacing with new stainless steel or other material

      Dryer Vent Cleaning

      Having your dryer vent cleaned can not only save you money, but it may save your life. Each year thousands of homes are destroyed and people die, due to dryer vent fires. A clogged dryer vent can increase the time it takes to dry your clothes which takes more electricity or gas, costing you more money.

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