Chimney Repair

Fire Box repair masonry chimneys

Standard size firebox back wall removed and replace bricks that are damaged. Back walls start at $650 and up. Sidewalls start at $550 and up. We use new firebricks and high temp mortar with fireclay for added durability.

Firebox repair prefab chimneys

When a prefab fireplace gets regular usage one thing we see to happen most often, is the back wall

will start to get cracks in them. They start out small, almost hairline but in time get bigger and bigger till they are quite noticeable.  The general rule of thumb is if the crack is wider than a quarter it should be changed out with new. Back panels start at $275 and side panels start at $225

Chase cover/ Prefab top repair

 Do you have rust stains on the side of the chimney structure from the chase cover? We can remove the old rusty and sometimes leaking top replacing with new stainless steel or other material.Replace chase cover on the pre-fab chimney: starts at $850 and up. depends on the material and height and size of the chimney top.  The cost of additional repairs is estimated on a per-project basis. Call for free quote and inspection of chase top.






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