Crown Repair & Water Repellant

We can power-wash your chimney to remove most of the dark stains and mildew growth that accumulates on unprotected masonry and brick. This cleaning helps open the pores of the brick allowing the water repellent treatment to be more effective when used. 

 Water can also enter your chimney through cracks in the crown mortar. We can repair the cracks using Crown Seal a material designed especially for mortar crowns. It covers the crown sealing cracks and remains flexible when dry to allow for expansion and contraction of the chimney. This product comes with a 15-year warranty which is backed by the manufacturer. 

Have you ever noticed white powdery material on the outside of your chimney? This is caused by water penetrating the brick. The white powder is lime and salts in the mortar being pushed out by pressure and water vapor evaporation out of the chimney. We have found the best products to help prevent this problem. Chimney Saver, a water repellent treatment. It creates a bond to the brick and helps prevent water from entering the pores of the brick by creating an invisible shield of the surface while allowing water vapor to escape through the pores of the bricks. 

All are quoted on-site with more information available. We do charge an inspection fee of $75 dollars and will rebate half-back with work completed. 







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