Lock Top | Top Mount Dampers


  •  Non-Restrictive—will not inhibit draw
  •  Keeps out mammals, birds, and insects
  •  Easy to open and close from inside the firebox
  • Made of cast-aluminum and stainless steel
  • Replaces leaky throat dampers
  • Serves as a chimney cap when open
  • Prevents heat and air conditioning loss
  1.   Is your home older? It may not have a damper assembly.
  2.   Is the damper blade missing or damaged?
  3.   Do you feel cold air coming down your chimney in the winter or get a smoky smell in the summer?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, a Top Mount Damper may be what you need to solve your problem.

A Top Mount Damper is installed on top of your chimney flue. It locks shut, keeping your fireplace warm, dry, and secure, and it is a low-cost solution to replacing rusted, worn-out throat dampers. It reduces the load on heat and air-conditioners and dramatically reduces noise from the outside.









13 x18




Installed is an additional  $75

Other sizes are available upon request please call or email for more information. 

Please contact us for a shipping price. 



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