Top- Mounted, Drop-IN Liner Dampers, Chimney Pipe

spider_top_mount_damperThe ultimate replacement for warped, worn out, or defective factory-built fireplace dampers, and for use in most pre-fab, class A, round terra cotta and stainless steel chimneys. The drop-in liner damper is easy to open and close from inside the firebox. Made of heavy stainless steel construction.

  • Replaces missing, rusted or broken dampers
  • Installs approx. 6″ below top allowing existing cap to be reused
  • Prevents heat and air conditioning loss
  • Does not induce additional resistance or turbulence and is not affected by wind
  • The drop-in liner dampers can be used on:
    • Class “A” solid pack
    • Pre-fab fireplace
    • Single-wall round
    • Flexible flue liners
    • Air-insulated  and any pipe type chimney in size 6-16 inch round diameter.

How one look's inside a flue that is cut to show detail.

How one looks inside a flue that is cut to show detail.

Installation is simple, and damper is recessed approximately 6 inches below and inside the top of flue — ideal for restoration projects where an exposed damper is unwanted. The existing or new rain cover can be installed without fear of a freezing or sticking damper.

The top-mounted, drop-in liner damper is all 316-L stainless steel construction and will withstand repeated fires with no problems. It offers a spring-loaded damper that allows unlimited adjustment to open position of the damper.

Installation of drop-in liner dampers is usually about $55.00-75.00 (Raleigh, NC area only). Call Chimney Keepers at 919-772-8110 for more info.

Each damper kit comes with a 32-ft. stainless steel cable, stop spring, bracket, anchors, masonry drill bit, and cable attachment with chain handle.

Damper Kit

Damper Kit

Handle bracket attached to side of firebox. Use 1/4" masonry bit.

Handle bracket attached to side of firebox. Use 1/4″ masonry bit.

Item # Size Price
DLD 6 6″ $195.00
DLD 7 7″ $219.00
DLD 8 8″ $225.00
DLD 9 9″ $243.00
DLD10 10″ $255.00
DLD12 12″ $279.00

$11.95 shipping on drop-in liner dampers in the U.S.! Extra shipping cost to Alaska and Hawaii of $6.95.

Other sizes are available. For more information, call (919) 772-8110 or email with the size you need and your zip code.

**For proper fit, measure the inside of the flue and get a damper that matches that number. The actual damper is smaller by 1/4- 1/2″ so it slides inside the flue.

If you have a 13″ or 15″ flue, adapters are available (special order – nonrefundable). Example: Your flue is 15″. You can order a 14″ damper with an adapter that will allow it to fit inside the 15″ liner. It’s not perfect but will work most of the time. Adapters are $125.00 each. They can be made up to 20″ in diameter.

You can install one yourself with simple hand tools and an electric or battery-operated drill. Complete instructions are in every box.

Note: These dampers are specifically designed for woodburning fireplace flues and should not be used on fireplaces with gas logs.  For regular rectangle or square dampers for masonry chimneys


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