smoke guards

Keeps Smoke Going Up The Chimney

Do you have problems with smoke coming out of the fireplace sometimes? This can be caused by several reasons. Most of the time it is due to a flue that is too small for the fireplace opening size.

Smoke guards fit across the top of the opening of your fireplace, making the front opening appear smaller which can help prevent smoke roll out. This is an inexpensive way to fix a minor or major problem.

  • Prevents smoke rollout
  • Available in black or brass
  • Fits fireplaces 28 1/2″ to 48″ wide
  • Spring loaded for easy installation
  • Heat-resistant adhesive caulk (included) seals smoke guard in position
smokeguard_before smokeguard_after
Before Smoke Guard After Smoke Guard

Easy Installation – all you need is a screwdriver.

Shown in Plated Polished Brass finish

Shown in Plated Polished Brass finish

Item # Color Height Fits Fireplace Width Price
SMKGRD-BLK-4 BLACK 4″ 28 1/2″ To 48″
SMKGRD-BRS-4 BRASS 4″ 28 1/2″ To 48″
SMKGRD-BLK-6 BLACK 6″ 28 1/2″ To 48″

Shipping and handling is $11.95 in lower 48 states. Extra shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.

Please note: If the opening is less than 28 1/2″ or greater than 48″ this product WILL NOT WORK.

For more information or to order a Smoke Guard, please email or call (919) 772-8110.

*Smoke can roll out because of a flue that is too small, chimney height is too short, an excessive restriction in the flue area, or another expensive problem. This device is a low-cost way to enjoy your fireplace and prevent smoking up the room.

“We have installed this product with great results and highly recommend it for your smoking fireplace problems” ~ Carl N., past owner Chimney Keepers

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