The Fireback Heat Reflector/Shield

ss-fireback_1The fireplace heat shield, also known as a Fireback, has been used in Europe for centuries and is making a comeback in the U.S. In some areas, they are known as a Pennsylvania fireback. These high-quality, stainless steel firebacks are used to protect the back wall of the firebox from extreme heat and to reflect more warmth into your living area. 

In an unprotected fireplace, heat is absorbed into the masonry firebrick, which can cause cracking and mortar joints to break down, creating expensive repairs. The average cost to repair a back wall of a masonry fireplace begins at $600+.

Prefab fireplaces are especially susceptible to heat damage to the back panel caused by the intense heat of a fire. The back refractory panels get cracks and in time have to be replaced with a new one, with a cost on average near $195.00.

Stainless steel fire-backs are a good way to protect your firebox and can provide more heat output from the fireplace as well.

Another great product that provides more heat and protects the back wall for a brick chimney is the Fireplace Radiator.

leg_kitOur firebacks are made of heavy-duty, 14-gauge, type 304 stainless steel, and are pre-stressed with a slight curve to minimize warping.

Included is a pair of 9” long S/S legs that provide 3 angle choices.

Black firebacks  and “Wheat”-etched patterns are not currently available. Firebacks will darken with use, and will look like a natural part of the fireplace.

Firebacks are not returnable after usage.


Shipping is $11.95, and is added in automatically at

Part # Name Height Width Desc. Price Buy Now
most popular for prefabs
Small 15″ 15″ Plain
most popular for prefabs
Med 16″ h 18″ w Plain SS $89
#gfsb2020  Med
 20″ 20″  Plain
 $120 Call 919-772-8110 to order.
 #gfsb2424  Lrg  24″ 24″  Plain
 $146 Call 919-772-8110 to order.
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    Winter is upon us this traces of snow some 20 days before Christmas so no telling how this one will go. The warm stuff seem to stay around for a while and it will get cold at some time.

    As we head into the holiday season we wish you all Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


    PS, If you have gotten a quote for chimney repairs, ie.. you need a chimney liner -liner work, parging smoke chamber etc. or you might burn your house down stuff, that seem HIGH give us a call and let see what we can do for you.

  • Woodburning and gas burning fireplaces. Are they ready for winter.

    Is your Fireplace or Gas Logs ready to go.. If not or for a service give us a call.

    In a power outage a fireplace or gas logs may be your only form of heat so make sure they are working in top form. Give us a call to set up appt 919-772-8110

    have a good week

    PS: if you do NOT have a Carbon Monoxide detector and you have gas logs.. GET ONE.. NOW... I recommend the combo CO / Smoke battery powered detectors at Lowe's Home depot or most hardware stores..

    If yours are over 10 yrs old replace it.. (there's a date on back) If there is not a date of manf on back GET rid of it.

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