Replacement Mesh Panels

replacement_mesh_panelsHeavy Duty 1/4″ Replacement Mesh Panels

We have the full line of mesh panels to replace your old, rusty or warped fireplace screens. These screens offer a quick and simple way to spruce up the look of your fireplace opening. Replacement Fireplace Screen – Fireplaces with glass doors, zero-clearance, pre-fabs, and just plain masonry fireplaces have the “curtain-type” screens, and they are great when they work! We carry the heavy 19-gauge spiral mesh with deluxe black finish. Rings and black coil pulls are included. Kit includes 2 mesh panels each 24″ wide in heights listed below. For taller and wider openings, please call 919-772-8110 or email

See the “How To Measure” section below to get the right size screen panel for your doors.

Heights* Price
26.5”*Height includes rings
(rings add the 1/2 inch.)
All sets are only $66.95 ea.
Sale Price $57.95 ea.
$11.95 Shipping per set. (Shipping to AK and HI, $13.90 per set. Call 919-772-8110 Eastern to order.)
Shipped within 24-36 hrs
If ordering more than 2 sets of screens, please add $5.50 per set extra for shipping – just add to screen cost not shipping cost.
Choose length of screen needed. All panels are 24″ wide. Note that the 1/2 inch indicated on height is for the rings.

Select a length

Note: Replacement fireplace screens include screen mesh, black coil pulls, and mounting rings only!! No rods.

screen_lengthHow to Measure

  1. Measure the height of your present screen panel (A). Do not include the hanging rings. They add 1/2 inch to length.
  2. Measure the width of the panel (B). Our panels are 24″ wide. If your panel is less than 24″, the extra drape will add to the beauty of your fireplace. For panels wider than 24″ call us at 919-772-8110 Eastern.
  3. Panel heights are in full inch increments. Order panel height that is closest to the original panel. Long panels may drag on fireplace hearth. When in doubt go shorter. If you need something longer or shorter than sizes listed above email or call 919-772-8110.

Be sure to order correct sizes. All sales are final. We cannot exchange screens for you.

  • Carl’s Corner

    Carl Newton: WolfPack Fan,
    Carolina Hurricanes Fan,
    Carolina Panthers Fan

    Summer is a time for picnic, fun at the beach and birds in the chimney. If you are having an issue with birds, please let them be till they are flying out of the chimney. We can come and clean the mess out, is there is a lot, and put a cap on to help prevent the return.

    ALso, if you had another chimney sweep company come out to clean or check your chimney and leave you with a report that says you need thousands of dollars worth of repairs please give us a call.

    A lot of the thing they "recommend" are to bring your chimney up to 2018 code standards which is not necessary unless you are doing major repairs on the chimney or it is being torn down and rebuilt.


    PS, If you have gotten a quote for chimney repairs, ie.. you need a chimney liner -liner work, parging smoke chamber etc. or you have been told "you might burn your house down" stuff, that seem HIGH give us a call and let see what we can do for you.

  • Woodburning and gas burning fireplaces. Are they ready for winter.

    Is your Fireplace or Gas Logs ready to go.. If not or for a service give us a call.

    In a power outage a fireplace or gas logs may be your only form of heat so make sure they are working in top form. Give us a call to set up appt 919-772-8110

    have a good week

    PS: if you do NOT have a Carbon Monoxide detector and you have gas logs.. GET ONE.. NOW... I recommend the combo CO / Smoke battery powered detectors at Lowe's Home depot or most hardware stores..

    If yours are over 10 yrs old replace it.. (there's a date on back) If there is not a date of manf on back GET rid of it.

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