Fireplace Radiator Blower-Heater

With a Fireplace Radiator Blower there is a way to get more heat from your fireplace besides installing a large wood stove insert.  Install a Fireplace Radiator and feel the warmth at less than the cost of wood stove inserts.

This model is designed for masonry wood burning fireplaces.

This Fireplace Radiator blower/heater uses the fire to warm a cast iron plenum and blows out heat for your home and you. A proven way to reduce heating costs and have the flickering flame to watch.

I have been in homes that have these units and, let me tell you, they can put out some heat. The blower does a good job of moving air into the room area. The air temp coming out of blower vents can get quite warm. If you like the open fire and want more heat, this is the way to go. While the blower does make some noise it is not that loud when running and something you get used to in time. Plus with all the heat they put out the blower sound will be music to your ears and pocketbook.

For images, including one that shows measurements, visit Fireplace Radiator Blower-Heater Images.

How does it work?

The Fireplace Radiator Blower is a solid cast iron workhorse designed to give you years of use. It will provide heat for your home while keeping the beauty of your fireplace and open wood-burning ambiance.

It takes about 20-30 minutes to set up and that includes taking it out of the box. Once installed, you will notice that the fan draws in cool air from the room and pushes it through the tubes and plenum where it is heated by your wood burning fire. As the air moves through, it picks up the heat and delivers it into your home through a front, air-diverter bar.

It is really quite simple and ingenious design. You can install it with existing glass doors and mesh screens to keep the beauty of your fireplace and your home. The Fireplace Radiator fits into just about all fireplaces. The small fan (UL-listed motor) has a variable-speed control and is extremely quiet (producing about the same amount of noise as a small desk fan). During the warmer months, you can simply remove the fan and leave the Fireplace Radiator in place.

How does it save?

All fireplaces are good conductors of heat, but over 90% of that heat literally goes right up the chimney. The Fireplace Radiator corrals that heat and sends it back to you. Heat thermostats can be turned down or off, which means lower heating bills immediately. As long as you have even an few amber burning, it will continue to give you heat. What are you waiting for? Order it today before the next cold front comes roaring in.


All metal and cast iron parts are warranted for five years from date of purchase. All electrical parts are warranted for one year from date of purchase. We only ship brand new, in-the-box Fireplace Radiators.

Will it fit into my fireplace?

The Fireplace Radiator fits just about all  brick fireplaces. The powerful fan can be ordered so that it is located on either the left side or the right side of the opening (closest to your electrical outlet). This unit isn’t BTU rated since you control the amount of heat being generated by the size of your fire and speed adjustment of the fan. The fan box has a variable speed control and is relatively quiet.

The Fireplace Radiator must be installed in wood burning masonry fireplaces with a firebox having a depth of no less than 16 1/2 inches and usable up to 26 inches. (Your fireplace can be deeper but the unit will only extend to 26 inches in depth.) It is designed to work with a fireplace that has an opening of no more than 51 inches wide. The plenum (the large piece that sits at the back of your fireplace) and side tubes are made of virtually indestructible cast iron.

The plenum is 18 1/4″ wide, 11″ tall and 3″ thick. Your fire can be built right on top the side tubes of the Fireplace Radiator which are 17 1/2 inches apart on the outside and 11 inches on the inside of the tubes which means you don’t need a grate.  Some owners do use grate and if it fits you can. The best way to get most heat is with out grate. Another good tip is clean out in between tubes if the ash get to much..

(if the depth is less than 16.5″ call us for ideas on how to make it fit)

Special Instructions

The Fireplace Radiator comes from the manufacturer set up with a left side or a right side fan box. You must determine the side you want and let us know when ordering. While standing in front on your fireplace, determine which side is closer to the electrical outlet for the fan box.

  • 60,000+ BTUs of Heat Per Hour (est)
  • 50-150 CFM blower with variable speed control.
  • Cast Iron tubing warranted for 5 years
  • All Electrical Components are U.L. approved and comes with a One Year Warranty
  • Motor warranted for One Year
  • Available in Left or Right Hand Motor models
  • Manufactured in Portland Oregon,  USA
  • For use in masonry fireplaces only

UPS Ground SHIPPING is 19.95 in lower U.S. Extra shipping costs apply to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. 

You can also order by phone and use a Visa or MasterCard. Just call 919-772-8110,  9am-4pm Eastern and Karen can help.

Model# Price Description Weight Buy Now
FR-L $499.00 Left hand motor 52 lbs
FR-R $499.00 Right hand motor 52 Lbs
Please allow up to 2 business days for processing and shipping. This item is drop shipped directly from the manufacturer in Portland, Oregon. For shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada, please contact us.
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