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Since 1993, Chimney Keepers has been cleaning and repairing chimneys and gas logs in and around the Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Garner, Clayton NC area.

Hello, I am Carl Newton, owner and operator of Chimney Keepers. I am an active member of the  N.C. Chimney Sweep Association. In 2011, I was elected to be Vice President of NCCSA and was in this position for  2 years.

While we are not required to join this group, we did so to help keep us up to date on the latest changes in building codes, to have access to regular training, and to have a knowledge base of other members we can tap into when confronted with a strange situation not seen before. We value our membership in this organization and attend meetings regularly. As members, we abide by the NCCSA Code of Ethics and NC Residential Building codes.  So, rest assured you are getting a true professional that, no matter what the situation, we can get the job done right.

karen photoThe office manager, Karen, has been a great addition to the company in helping to provide quality customer service. She is the voice you get when you call our office (919-772-8110). She schedules all of the appointments and manages the office and the home all while looking fabulous. You can contact her at chimneykeepers@gmail.com.

PS: she is the wife and mother boss of the house. 🙂

We clean chimneys, gas log repair, replace rusted prefab chimney tops, install chimney caps, repair and rebuild damaged fireboxes, repair cracked chimney crowns, power wash and apply water repellent treatment, deal with water leaks in chimneys, as well as clean. We also clean electric and gas dryer vents and much more.

The mess involved in chimney cleaning is always a concern. Have no fear! We are fully-insured professionals. You will find us to be very reliable and our prices very competitive. We strive to keep our service standards high and prices fair.

We provide services to Raleigh, Garner, Clayton, Cary, Apze, Fuquay-Varina, Holly Springs and surrounding areas.

Mission Statement:
Chimney Keepers strives to provide the highest level of service and integrity in our work and, above all, provide outstanding customer satisfaction and value.  That’s our promise to you.

~ Carl Newton, Owner

  • Carl’s Corner

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    Well a new year is upon us and during this time in late Jan the temps are running above normal. This will end I hear the middle of Feb with temps coming back to normal and COLD..

    We still get a lot of folks calling to ask for a second opinion where another local company was call and they found a LOT of stuff wrong with your 20 plus year old chimney most of the time with a quote of 4-5K or more.

    A lot of the things they "recommend" are to bring your chimney up to 2018/2019 code standards which is not necessary unless you are doing major repairs on the chimney or it is being torn down and rebuilt.

    Chimneys built in the 60 and 70's had different code requirement than a chimney built in 2018/2019.


    PS, If you have gotten a quote for chimney repairs, ie.. you need a chimney liner -liner work, parging smoke chamber etc. or you have been told "you might burn your house down" or "this could create a problem" stuff, that seem HIGH give us a call and let see what we can do for you.

  • Woodburning and gas burning fireplaces. Are they ready for winter.

    Is your Fireplace or Gas Logs ready to go.. If not or for a service give us a call.

    In a power outage a fireplace or gas logs may be your only form of heat so make sure they are working in top form. Give us a call to set up appt 919-772-8110

    have a good week

    PS: if you do NOT have a Carbon Monoxide detector and you have gas logs.. GET ONE.. NOW... I recommend the combo CO / Smoke battery powered detectors at Lowe's Home depot or most hardware stores..

    If yours are over 10 yrs old replace it.. (there's a date on back) If there is not a date of manf on back GET rid of it.

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